Spartak Cup 2012 15 february 2012 - 10 april 2012

Spartak Cup 2012

The reference on tournament:

Tournament on soccer will take place Spartak in the territory of the Olympic educational and sports center. Football clubs, DYuSSh, sports school and other sports organizations are invited to participation in Tournament. 

Tournament is held on purpose:

  •     Sports promoting (in particular soccer) among young men.
  •     Increases of sports skill young players
  •     Preparation for official competitions of clubs.
  •     Ensuring leisure for young men, participants of tournament.
  •     Exchange of experience of trainer's structure.


Games are held on circular system in one circle.
Duration of a match is 2 times for 30 minutes.
Places of teams are determined by a sum of points gathered in all matches.
For a victory in a match 3 points, for a draw 1 point, for defeat of 0 points are added.
The team which has gathered the greatest number of points becomes the winner.

In case of equality of points at two or more teams, places are defined:

  • by results of games among themselves (number of points, victories, a difference of the hammered and passed balls, number of the hammered balls);
  • on the best difference of the passed and hammered balls in all matches;
  • by quantity of yellow and red cards;
  • lot.

Yellow cards (preventions) received during tournament are summarized.
The player who has received three preventions in different matches, passes one game.
The player removed for two preventions, received in one game, passes one game.
The player removed for more serious offense (rough game, an unsportsmanlike act, fight ит.д. ) passes number of games which are defined by the main judiciary board.
The player removed from a field has no right to take part in the following game.
On a course of a match 7 replacements are allowed.
Teams of the participant, are obliged to have two sets of a game form of various flowers.
All football players are obliged to play in guards.
The players participating in the tournament must be under 17 years
The order of meetings with rivals is defined by a tournament grid.
The field sizes – on FIFA rules.
Covering – synthetic.