Spartak Cup 04 february 2012

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The reference on tournament:

The first international youthful U-17 tournament organized by "Spartak", took place in April, 2012 and was devoted to 90-year anniversary of club. "Spartak" cup was played then by Italian "Atalanta", Spanish "Barcelona", German "Borussia" from Myonkhengladbakh, French "Sosho", Portuguese "Sporting" and owners of tournament – pupils of Spartak Academy 1995 of year of birth.

Tournament in honor of the 90 anniversary of "Spartak" became a noticeable event in football life of the Russian capital, caused keen interest from experts and fans.

The number of people came to game "Spartak" - "Barcelona" record for stadium in Sokolniki: more than 2 000 fans supported pupils of Academy this day. Matches of tournament the head coach of "Spartak" Valery Karpin, his assistants Igor Ledyakhov, Edu Domínguez, Dmitry Gunko, training then visited a youth team red-white, the president of Academy Sergey Rodionov, veterans of club Feodor Cherenkov, George Yartsev, Boris Pozdnyakov, Renat Ataullin, Vladimir Beschastnykh, Alexey Melyoshin, Yury Gavrilov, Sergey Shavlo, Nikolay Pisarev, Igor Shalimov, Vasily Kulkov. On one of games of young Spartacists the forward of the main team Emmanuel Emenika supported, in other day on a match of "Barcelona" there arrived Samyuel Eto'O.

The first Cup of "Spartak" departed to Spain. "Barcelona" won on tournament four matches from five, only in final, nothing to decisive game against "Sosho" having conceded with the minimum account.

The total provision of teams on the international youthful tournament devoted to the 90 anniversary of FC "Spartak" Moscow:

  1.     "Barcelona"
  2.     "Sporting"
  3.     "Atalanta"
  4.     "Sochaux"
  5.     "Borussia" M
  6.     "Spartak"