Spartak 1996-1997



Team name: Spartak

Country: Russian Federation

City: Moscow

Year of foundation: 1922

About club: Their players in the first team: Sergei Parshivlyuk (defender), Dmitri Kombarov (halfback), Kirill Kombarov (halfback), Artem Dzyuba (forward), Alexander Kozlov (forward)

About team: Fedor Cherenkov youth football Academy is represented on the Tournament for Spartak Cup by the team of players born in 1996, and guided by Vladimir Djubanov and Dmitry Ratnikov. This team came first many times in winter and summer Moscow championships; in 2012 they won the City Cup. These players also have rich international experience: “Spartak”-96 has left remarkable impression on some big tournaments. In 2011 Academy players gained 2 prestigious trophies, at Stefano Gusella tournament (Italy) in winter period and in summer – Morozov Memorial Championship in Saint Petersburg. Last season they became champions in a winter Moscow championship, in the Russian championship: let in just one goal, they finished on the 5th place. They remained 5th in 2012 Summer championship. Last year 96 born players were called to the senior Academy team – to play together with players born in 1995. This way Anton Mitruyshkin, Alexander Lichachev, Anton Fedotov and Vladislav Panteleev have taken part in the 1995 formation in the first Spartak Cup, organized to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Spartak for the U17 . Eight players of the team: Anton Fedotov, Alexey Grechkin, Vladislav Panteleev, Alexander Lichachev, Ayaz Guliev, Vladlen Babaev, Timur Dudaev and Said Akhmaev – with Spartak-95 won bronze medals of the Russian Championship in july 2012. This team potential is manifested by the regular presence of its players in the Russian National Youth team. Goalkeeper Anton Mitruyshkin is it`s captain, in the basic first-eleven there are also Alexey Grechkin, Alexander Lichachev, Ayaz Guliev and Danila Buranov. Teams coaches – came from Spartak Academy as well – Vladimir Djubanov is a former Spartak players, joined the Academy staff in 2013. Dmitry Ratnikov has been preparing Spartak`s youth from 2012 and he was Andrey Pyatnizky assistant during the past Spartak`s Cup with U-17.

About Academy:

Since 1934, when the first youth football teams were formed, FC Spartak has looked out for young talents.  During these years the SPARTAK football school helped many sportsmen to start their path to professional football at FC Spartak, or to National team of Russia.


The key milestone in the history of the Spartak football club school was its conversion to the Football Academy. From 2010 onwards it is officially called Fedor Cherenkov Youth Academy of the Football Club Spartak.


The  establishment of the Academy would be impossible without an appropriate infrastructure. On October 15th, 2009 FC Spartak together with Lukoil announced the official opening of a new unique football complex at Sokolniki.


Supported by the annual donations made by the club’s owner Mr. Leonid Fedun young Spartak footballers have a chance to polish up their playing skills and techniques under the best possible conditions. The available infrastructure includes six football pitches, three of which are heated, renovated training hall, fitness center, sauna, a hall for theoretical studies, sports area with facilities for tennis ball and a goalkeeper training corner where young goalkeepers can exercise on their own. Additionally there is a boarding school with capacity of 50 people for your footballers from other towns at the Sokolniki football complex.


Intergenerational continuity is one of the main fundamental principles of the Spartak Futball Club Academy. The Academy was named after Fedor Cherenkov – the most famous footballer of Spartak and a very unique player, whose contribution to the development of FC Spartak can hardly be underestimated.  Mr. Cherenkov together with the other Spartak veterans actively takes part in scouting for young talents to widen the ranks of the "Red-Whites". The Spartak Moscow Youth Football Academy is run by another resident of Spartak Sergey Rodionov, who graduated our school and worked as a football coach of the First and Second team squad.  The majority of our staff members also graduated from the Spartak school or played for the First team squad of the "Red-Whites".  Evgeny Sidorov, Viktor Samokhin, Yury Darvin, Alexander Shuplyakov, Vladimir Dzhubanov, Alexey Meleshin, Vladimir Beschastnikh work with future champions to hone their playing skills.

There are in total 22 professional coaches and mentors at our Academy. Among them there is a chief coach responsible for playing technique, two specialists for physical training, fitness trainer, three goalkeeper coaches and specialist who work with junior players in 12 different age groups. The entire training process is consistent with the core principle of long-term sustainable training cycle and based on the philosophy of the Spartak Academy. Our mission is inseparably associated with the process of development of highly educated and well balanced personality.

Yearly our trainees are being recruited to the FC Spartak Youth Team, which holds the record for most wins in the young teams championships. Our trainees also play in the National Team of Russia.

The Academy strives for dynamic development and regularly confirms the status of one of the best training facilities countrywide. In early March 2013 the Academy obtained State authorization for providing general education services. Later on the Academy was one of the first educational facilities in Moscow to obtain the testimonial of the Football federation of Moscow, confirming its compliance with the standards of the Football federation of Moscow, Russian Football Union, FIFA und UEFA.

The Academy's relatively new area of activities related to different partner programs which are supervised by such legends of Russian football as Fedor Cherenkov, Renat Dasaev and Andrey Tikhonov gathers pace.

Each day there are more and more new football schools and federation willing to cooperate with Spartak as well in Russia as abroad. This willingness to cooperate can be easily explained by the fact that the partnership with such a reputable club as Spartak improves the status of any football school and ensures its popularity among juniors seeking a chance to play for Spartak. One of the most considerable achievements in this regard is the construction of the Spartak arena at Tushino in north west Moscow. This project is an important part of our cooperation with general schools, aimed at improving physical fitness, popularizing physical training among children and fostering a new generation of fans.



USSR Champion: 1936 (autumn), 1938, 1939, 1952, 1953, 1956, 1958, 1962, 1969, 1979, 1987, 1989

Holder of USSR Cup: 1938, 1939, 1946, 1947, 1950, 1958, 1963, 1965, 1971, 1992

Russia Champion: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001

Holder of Russia Cup: 1994, 1998, 2003