Team's technical meeting 09 april 2013 News
Technical meeting of participating teams’ representatives has been held Теги: TOURNAMENT

On Tuesday morning representatives of teams-participants of Spartak Cup gathered at Academy to conduct a technical meeting.

Academy President Sergey Rodionov thanked all teams, who had accepted the invitation to play in Spartak Cup, and expressed hope that all matches will be held in exciting fight. Director Valentine Klimko briefed the meeting participants about history of Spartak and Academy, and his Deputy Dmitry Sidorov highlighted organizational issues. Academy’s Chief Coach Vladimir Bodrov reminded the teams about key points of competition regulation (a game is composed of two 30-minute halves, during a match 7 substitutions are permissible). The meeting was finalized with a farewell statement of Rinat Dasaev, legendary Spartak goalkeeper, who wished luck to all participants, underlining that this tournament is a football holiday, each match of which promises to be engrossing.     

Before going to hotels team representatives looked at stadium’s main field, where they will have to play already this evening.