F-686159576/DSC_3067.jpg 18 april 2012 News

SPARTAK (U-17) — ATALANTA (U-17) — 0:1 (0:1)

Moscow. The stadium of Spartak Academy named after F. Cherenkov. 17.04. 400 spectators

Referee: A. Tsengler (Moscow)

Spartak (Moscow): Shlyeyev, Ntirubuza, Fyedotov, Salnikov, Vinnichenko (k), Kogonia, Grishin, (Panteleev, 31), Likhachev, Salimov, Oslonovsky, Alshansky, (Bunin, 31). 

Atalanta (Bergamo): Miori, Malvestititi, Barlocco, Valota (Pleze, 48), Ungaro, Romano, Raskaroli, Oikonomidis (Adiyansi, 43), Markezi (Montebelli, 58), Grassi, Fabbri (Bangal, 43, Cavania, 53)

Goal: 0:1 Oikonomidis (20).

Warnings: Romano, Markezi.

Atalanta is a familiar opponent for our guys: last year they played twice against the Italians at the international tournament. At that time Spartak lost the ground at the group stage – 0:2, however in the decisive final match it defeated and won the tournament.  

Today’s game, both as previous matches between Spartak and Atalanta, was a tough struggle. During the first half the teams had been on reciprocal courses, nobody was going to sit on the fence involving defensive play. Already in the first minute the Italians had the chance to distinguish themselves: our opponents quickly snapped from Spartak’s penalty box and had the effort on goal, fortunately, unsuccessful.   

However in the 20th minute Oikonomidis, the Italian guy of Greek origin, didn’t afford himself such generosity and kicked the goal – 0:1. Prior to the break our guys could have made goals as well, but their shots weren’t too accurate: Salnikov kicked above the gates, Kogonia’s shot was close to the post, and Salimov’s ball was cleared by the goalkeeper. 

After the break the hosts started to control the game entirely. In the second half of the match Spartak delivered a great tornado of attacks against the Italians’ gates, and Andrey Pyatnitsky’s players could have not only leveled the match, but even advanced, if they had realized at least half of their goal-scoring chances. But our team failed to realize these changes. Moreover, many promising attacks didn’t finish with ultimate shots, and in one episode the bar saved Atalanta saved from the infallible goal.  

On the club birthday the young Spartak members fought to the bitter, they played splendidly, but lost ground. This failure is from a category of those, for which the team shouldn’t feel ashamed. Our players gifted the interesting match to the spectators, therefore the fans applauded to their team.

Other results

Borussia M (Germany) — Sochaux (France) — 0:2
Goals: Jeran, Ilamaaritra.

Sporting (Portugal) – Barcelona (Spain) — 1:5
Goals: Semedy — Ebvelle (2), Wertas, El Khaddadi, Enguene.

Tournament tabling:

Barcelona — 6 points, Atalanta — 6, Sochaux — 3, Spartak — 1, Sporting — 1, Borussia М — 0.