F-1774369965/DSC_2477.jpg 17 april 2012 News

Spartak (U-17) — Sporting (U-17) — 0:0

Moscow. The stadium of Spartak Academy named after F. Cherenkov. 17.04. 400 spectators

Referee: A. Shibayev (Moscow)

Spartak (Moscow): Shlyeyev, Ntirubuza, Fyedotov, Salnikov, Vinnichenko (k), Kogonia, Grishin, Yurkov (Likhachev, 31), Salimov, Oslonovsky, Bunin (Alshansky, 40). 

Sporting (Lisbon):, Joay Leite, Ramush (Karlush, 22), Wilson, Diego da Silva, Ugu Meira, Marineiru, Barboza (Frientash, 42), Rodrigesh (Fabio Martinsh, 42), Semedy (Luciu, 55), Fernandesh (Markesh, 47), Jose Poshtiga (Flaviu Silva, 39)

Warning: Grishin (60+1).

It seems that the spring had come to Moscow deliberately. Just prior to the tournament devoted to the 90th anniversary of Spartak, finally the bright sun appeared that gladdened Muscovites and our guests from Spain, Germany, Italy, France and Portugal. The weather was fine, and the starting match of the red and whites with Sporting (Lisbon) sparked the interest of spectators. In our Academy stadium in Sokolniki there were even more spectators than in the last match with Rubin, and additionally around 2,000 people had been seeing direct broadcasting of the match on our official channel in Youtube.     

The VIP tier was also animated. There were Valery Karpin (Spartak senior coach) and his assistants Igor Ledyakov, Edu Dominges, Dmitry Gunko (subs senior coach), Sergey Rodionov (Academy President) as well as veterans of the red and whites: George Yartsev, Boris Pozdnyakov, Renat Ataulin, Vladimir Beschastnykh, Alexey Meleshin… 

Our first opponent (and the tournament will be conducted in one round, where everybody will play with everybody) was strong. Over the recent decade Portuguese junior football has been on the ascendant, and Sporting Academy that has brought up such superstars of world football as Luish Figu and Christian Ronaldo is considered to be the strongest in Portugal. More than half of the players, who came to Moscow, are members of junior national teams of their own countries.   

All tournament matches will be composed of two halves, 30 minutes each. The first half of the play the Moscovites and the Lisbon citizens seemingly were exploring each other. Agitation was felt, because the tournament was quite representative, there was high agiotage, and everybody wanted to approve themselves as good players. Possibly, that circumstance enchained the young football players.    

But during the second half the teams activated their game, they started to behave more courageously, and challenging situations arose close to both gates. The Portuguese gates were attacked more often. Initially Sporting hit our post, then young Spartak club members dropped a goal, but the referees abolished it due to off-side.   

The red and whites attacked with strong forces, actively using side attacks, but at the ultimate phase they often lacked straight passes. Unfortunately, forward Denis Davydov, the best player among Spartak members born in the year of 1995, won’t be able to participate at the tournament due to his injury. This is a serious loss. According to Vladimir Bodrov (Chief Coach of our Academy) Davydov constitutes around 70% of attacking potential of the team.

But even in his absence Andrey Pyatnitsky’s guys demonstrated combinational attacking football. Our players’ shots were precise, but Joau Leite, Sporting goalkeeper, played beyond all praise. He brilliantly reacted twice to Oslonovsky’s shots, and one time he cleared the ball thrown by Fyedotov from a long distance, and gained well deserved applause of the spectators.     

— The Portuguese players demonstrated sound technical skills, Andrey Pyatnitsky, chief coach of our team, said after the match. – But as far as goal mouth actions are concerned, we have surpassed our opponent and could have won, indeed. Presumably, buck fewer had affected. It’s a pity that we haven’t succeeded to win in the first match.  

Other results

Atalanta (Italy) — Sochaux (France) — 1:0
Goal: Oikomidis

Barcelona (Spain) — Borussia M (Germany) — 3:0
Goals: Ebvelle — 2,El-Khaddadi.

Tournament tabling:

Barcelona — 3 points, Atalanta — 3, Spartak — 1, Sporting — 1, Sochaux — 0, Borussia М — 0.