F819554425/ted_cor.jpg 14 april 2012 News

Spartak has been the international collective at all times. And now this tradition is alive not only in the core team, but at our Academy as well. A guy with a British name and African surname and appearance will play for 1995 team that will participate in the international tournament in honor of the 90th anniversary of Spartak. Do you think he is a mercenary? It is not the case! We are pleased to introduce you to Ted Ntirubuza, a player of Russia’s junior national team.

— I was born in Voronezh, - the young Spartak club member spokes the Russian language of great purity. My father is from Burundi (a country in Central Africa), and my mother is Russian. I grew in Russia. I started playing football in Voronezh, when I was 7 years old, my grandmother took me to Stankostroitel school.  

— And when did you move to Moscow?

— When I was 15 years old. Spartak selection specialists had their eyes on me at the tournament in Novorossisk.

— What is your position?

— The right guard.

— What titles have you won at Spartak Academy?

— Last year our team won the prestigious international tournament in Italy with involvement of such clubs as Juventus, Atalanta and Torino. And in 2012 we came first in Moscow winter championship. 

— Do you live in Academy’s hostel?

— Yes. I do like to live here. We have got magnificent fields, excellent food and first-rate coachers. In my opinion, at Spartak Academy there are the best conditions not only in Moscow, but in Russia.  

— Who is your room neighbor?  

— Sasha Usoltsev from Tyumen.

— Have you faced any manifestations of racism? 

— At the Academy, naturally, no. But on the street there have been several cases. There have been two unpleasant cases in stadiums. 

— Whom do you feel yourself – the African or Russian?

— I’m a Russian guy. Here I was born, grew and was brought up in Russian traditions. I play for 1995 Russia’s national team. Initially I was invited to join it last spring, and during the current year we visited a training camp in Israel.

— Why are you called Ted?

— My mother gave me the name in the honor of a film actor.

— Who is your favorite player in Spartak? 

— Emenike.  And earlier I did like Alex. 

— What do you think about the tournament in the honor of the 90th anniversary? 

— This is a very serious test for us. Great responsibility rests with us. We do realize this and focus our attitude correspondingly. We’d like to gladden our fans with high quality Spartak football.

— Have you ever met with Barcelona?

— Yes. A couple of years ago at the international tournament in Spain, where we came fourth. At that time we lost ground to Barcelona – 0:6. Although older guys played for the Catalans, who had suppressed us with their physical strength. And to date we have got hard and are ready to deliver a battle.