11 april 2012 News

During the international junior tournament devoted to the 90th anniversary of our club Valentine Vinnichenko, Spartak-95 captain will celebrate his birthday as well. Surely, the tournament cup will be one of the most desirable gifts for him, and, according to Valentine, this team’s chances to win it are not bad. 

— Our team is going to play at the tournament devoted to the famous date in our club history – its 90th anniversary; therefore we are obliged to perform decently. We’ll try to demonstrate our best qualities both individually and in team work.

— How do you assess your team chances at the tournament?

— As we are the tournament hosts, our chances are not bad. Firstly, we play on the artificial field that is familiar for us and unusual for the opponents: in Europe they play on the grass. Furthermore, we hope to see Spartak’s fans at the games, it will be easier to win in uneasy matches with their support.

— Which of the teams that will participate in the tournament have been your opponents earlier?

— Last year we played with Atalanta at the international tournament. We were inferior at the group stage, but we won on penalties in the final. This team is very strong and capable. Therefore, I’m looking forward to play the match with the Italians that will take place exactly on the club birthday – on April 18.  

— What can you say about other opponents? What performance do you expect from them? How is it possible to outplay these?

— We haven’t played with Barcelona, but we’ve seen it at last summer’s international tournament. Both as core Barcelona this team is strong and technically capable. But there are no unwinnable ones. In the match against them we’ll need to have appropriate attitude and to play our own football.  Sochaux and Borussia are unknown teams for us. I may just suppose that their game will emphasize football players’ strength and physical power. We’ll try to outplay them thanks to technique/skills. I haven’t played with Sporting as well, but, according to opinions, this is a strong, capable, sound opponent, and it will be interesting to play with this team.

— Your team will include Spartak-96 football players…

— For guys born in the year of 1996 the participation in such tournament is even more responsible, but I presume they will cope with this challenge. I think it won’t be a problem for us to achieve good team work. For instance, we have been playing well with Anton Fyedotov, who has been playing for us on a constant basis. I can judge from my own experience: last year I participated in Russia’s championship in 1994 class team and I got comfortable quite quickly. Hopefully, the guys will adapt rapidly as well.