F1698490322/01.gif 16 april 2012 News
First of all there is a wish to greet organizers, participants and the audience of the international youthful tournament devoted to the 90 anniversary of Moscow "Spartak"!  —  I told Shanks.  —  On April 18 celebrates anniversary team which call national because it is loved very much by the audience.  And "Spartak" has admirers not only in Russia, but also around the world.  During foreign trips "Spartak" deserved interest of the European fans the combinational game, attacking soccer, non-standard decisions at completion of attacks.  As a part of our team based by brothers of Starostinymi, played many Olympic champions, her trainers known around the world trained:  Konstantin Ivanovich Beskov, Nikita Pavlovich Simonyan, Oleg Ivanovich Romantsev.  Nice traditions of our club are continued by pupils of Academy trainers in which the former football players of "Spartak" work. 

Tournament collected the teams representing known clubs in the world.  Therefore I hope that participants will please the audience with beautiful and interesting game, will show tactical literacy, technical individual skill.  I hope also that competitions will take place in a friendly situation and won't be saddened by traumas of young football players. 

Tournament is held in an age category of U-17:  it means that teams-participants consist of players who will fill up soon the main structures of the clubs.  I hope that the children who are taking part in these competitions, we will see and as a part of national teams of their countries in the World Cup in Russia in 2018. 

I wish to pupils of Spartak Academy to show on tournament soccer, worthy their predecessors:  flashing, technical, attacking which will be interesting to the audience. 

I hope that guests of tournament will like our city and that impressions of visit of the Russian capital and participation in these competitions remain with them the warmest.