Spartak - Atalanta 20 august 2019 News
Spartak – Atalanta: post-match comments Теги: ATALANTA LORENZI SPARTAK VASHKEVICH

The coaches of Russian and Italian team commented on the last match and summarized their performance at the Spartak Cup 2019.

Stefano Lorenzi, Atalanta head coach:

— We had far from our best morale after the previous match against Dynamo. If it wasn’t defeat there, my players would see today match as the final, the attitude would be different. Also we are still not in our best conditions as we had started preparing for the seasons recently.

Two early goals conceded shocked the team. Nevertheless we tried to change the scenario and shoed passion.

We enjoyed being here and participating the tournament. Everything including opponents and organization was on high level. Spartal won the trophy and absolutely deserved it with their top performance. Also Moscow impressed very much. For me and for most of my players it was the first visit to your city.

It would be great to come here again. The only concern for us is that in August we still starting the preparations for the season so are usually far from our best conditions. In winter we could show better performance.

Vyacheslav Vashkevich, Spartak head-coach:

— We wanted show champions’ performance today to prove they deserved the trophy. So the attitude and morale were great.

We showed great team interaction today, were solid in defense and with high individual performance both in attack and defense, created numerous chances.

I would call today match the best at the tournament along with matches against Rangers and Dynamo. Perhaps Rangers didn’t deserve such defeat. They are quite fast and active team and they produced very good impression with their performance.

Each of the team participated has its own style and manner. Dynamo is very well-educated tactically, Rangers and Feyenood have very skillful players. Despite being the youngest the Dutch felt very free and creatively. We saw that they we enjoying the game. As for the Italians they were some mixture of good tactical skills and athleticism, showed very interesting football. The Chinese were the most disciplined team, especially in defending.

I am very glad that we were the most attacking team having scored 19 goals in 5 matches. Also would like to point out that we matched physically. Thanks to all my staff, to everyone who worked in our team. We prepared for the tournament very well as the team looked very balanced.

Congratulations to the team and the whole Academy with the trophy! It was very important for us to win home tournament. We are very glad that Spartak Cup revived after the pause. The opponents were very strong and played fast, offensive football which we sometime lack in Moscow league. I can say that every team here played mostly in attack.

It is not the first international tournament for us. Actually it was the fourth for 2019. No doubt the experience gained helped a lot. Guys looked much more self-confident and try to play their football and to show personal skills regardless the opponent. Thanks a lot for our management not only for this tournament but also for all of them as they contribute to players’ development.

Also I would like to praise my players for their professional attitude. But they also should realize that football is not about the success in the past. They have new goals ahead and should prove their level more and more. We will keep on working and try to show such great performance in future tournaments. For example in the Youth Football League.