Rangers - Feyenoord 20 august 2019 News
Rangers – Feyenoord: post-match comments Теги: BOEL FEYENOORD MCCALLUM RANGER

The coaches of two participant teams shared their opinions after the last match and assessed the Spartak Cup 2019.

David McCallum, Rangers head-coach:

— The draw is absolutely logical, we did less than necessary for victory. We started well, scored early but then reduced the pace and played too slow. It was the fifth match for six days so we felt certain fatigue. We made some substitutions to make a boost. But finally our errors led to defeat.

Thanks a lot to Spartak for invitation. We enjoyed participating the tournament. It was well organized and the opponents and matches were interesting.

I believe my team performed well but we still have much to do. Later we will see video and review mistakes committed.

Hope we will participate Spartak Cup in 2020 as it is a great opportunity to play against strong opponents.

Melvin Boel, Feyenoord head-coach:

— Despite we made four draws in five matches we tried to win in every of them. Today we had plenty chances to score, perhaps more than in any other game, but lacked a little luck in finishing. Hope we review our mistakes in the first half properly. In the second we managed to save the match and that means that our team have strong character.

We were the youngest team among the participants so each match was some kind of challenge. It is very interesting to play against opponents with different styles, speaking different languages.  Players must understand football better as they can not understand what opponents tell each other.

We were very glad to participate Spartak Cup, it was very well-organized. It is the great challenge for players and great opportunity to see the level of players for coaches. We will expect invitation for the next tournament and will accept it with great pleasure.