Lukoil Cup - Spartak Cup 17 august 2019 News
Two tournaments participants played met in funny friendly Теги: LUKOIL CUP SPARTAK CUP

After the final whistle of the Rangers – Beijing Guoan match at Spartak Cup an unusual friendly took place on the main pitch of Spartak Academy.

The team consisted of participants of the Lukoil Cup, which started today, met with the team of six players from each club participating at Spartak Cup. The letter’s squad was as follows: Abre Yanic-Berge (Atalanta), Luca Soldo (Dynamo), Shilo’t Zand (Feyenoord), Shan Wei (Beijing Gouan) Christopher McCey (Rangers) and Nikita Gloydman (Spartak).

Regarding the age gap (Lukoil Cup is for U12 teams) the starting line-ups were to be formed as 6 against 32. But actually the youngsters presented more players so the Spartak Cup all-stars team was completed with two extra players.

Two freshers could not prevent defeat of olders. Their only goal was scored by Nikita Gloydman from the spot. As for the opponents their scored much more. But actually nobody counted as the emotions both teams earned is something that can not be counted or even estimated.