Atalanta - Dinamo (Zagreb) 17 august 2019 News
Atalanta - Dinamo (Zagreb): post match comments Теги: ALGHOUL ATALANTA DINAMO (ZAGREB) MARCALETTI

Khalid Alghoul, Dinamo midfielder

— We played really good match and hoped to win. Despite the winner is set, today win lets us to compete for the second place. For sure deflection helped us to score the winner. Maybe it was a bit of good luck but we deserved it as we fought from the very beginning of the match.

Emanuele Marcaletti, Atalanta defender

— I got the captain’s band in a very hard period when we were seeking an equalizer and we quite pressed for time. So I tried to do my best.

Sorry to lose this much. We overcame opponents in many aspects and had all the chances to score at least one goal. Atalanta’s philosophy is to follow our own style in every match. It is not that easy when you meet a strong opponent. Anyway I think we did not deserved defeat today.