Atalanta - Dinamo )Zagreb) 16 august 2019 News
Atalanta – Dynamo encounter sealed trophy’s fate Теги: ATALANTA DINAMO (ZAGREB)

In the last match of the Spartak Cup 4th round Dynamo beat Atalanta.

The Italians remained in chase for trophy in case of victory as for the Croatians 3 points needed returning to struggle for the second place.

Atalanta looked much better in early exchanges but soon Dynamo also started to show their teeth. It was Croatian Mateo Brodarić who shot a little bit above the bar in the first chance of the game. Italians responded with several dangerous set-pieces in row. In general Stefano Lorenzzi’s team looked more convincingly in this period of the match.

As for Dynamo all the threats they produced resulted mostly set-pieces. For example after Halid Alghoul’s free-kick the ball passed right above the bar in the middle of the first half. Anyway none of the teams succeed in attack before the half-time.

Dynamo started more actively in the early second half. However Atalanta seized the control but still without any changes in the score-sheet.

Finally the only goal came just one minute before the final whistle. Fran Tomek decided the fate of not only this match but of the 1st place. Due to Dynamo victory Spartak wins the tournament regardless the last round matches.