Rangers - Spartak 15 august 2019 News
Rangers – Spartak: post-match comments Теги: MELNIKOV RANGERS RICHIE-HOSLER SPARTAK VASHKEVICH

Spartak and Rangers representatives commented on the match of Spartak Cup 3rd round match.

Kane Richie-Hosler, Rangers midfielder:

— Coach told us to play our usual way: control the ball, play ahead and build-up chances for forwards. But in fact we had no many real opportunities. As for Spartak, they played efficiently and benefited of their chances.

It is obvious that Spartak is the very good team. It is quite vivid both on their performance on the tournament and their results in other competitions. But we hoped to do better. Opponents converted their chances and we didn’t.

Stepan Melnikov, Spartak midfielder:

— The coach wanted us to play more in attacking manner. We knew much about Rangers and were ready for difficult match. Regarding the fact that we let them nothing, I think we prepared for the game well.

In the first half we more passive as the opponents seemed chipper. We managed however to score after the counter-attack. In the second-half we led the game and scored twice after very good interactions – in genuine Spartak style!

Vyacheslav Vashkevich, Spartak head-coach:

— The victory that was absolutely deserved. Maybe the score could be not that big as the opponents played not so bad. But our guys showed self-confidence and good performance.

We asked our players to act more tight without the ball. Regardind the fact that Rangers player are quick and with good technical skills it was reasonable to tackle them in two-one way. Exactly that demands more pace and takes much strength from the defending team so these aspects were most important today. Also we asked lads to shot more than in the previous match.

Having realized that Rangers will play ahead leaving spare zones behind the defending line, our players hurried to build-up counter-attacks. But they we too hasty. However in general the team achieved the goals for the game.

For the second time in row we score right after half-time. We working on keeping concentration during the whole match. It is great that players understand importance of this attitude.

Rangers impressed us. Fast and skillful players also tactically well-educated. It is very difficult to play against them but also is very interesting. Glad to see them among the participants of the tournament.

We have two matches ahead and three steps on the way to trophy done. Tomorrow we meet Feyenoord and for sure we have already made up our opinion on this team. Also we are aware that they improve from match. So I anticipate interesting match tomorrow.