Spartak won the Spartak Cup 2014! 27 april 2014 News
The host of the tournament won "Spartak Cup" Теги: CHAMPIONS SPARTAK

The Spartak Academy team, 1997 year of birth, became the winner of the third International Yourh Tournament "Spartak Cup" – 2014.

 The results of the final day on the tournament:

 "Dinamo" Minsk - "Krasnodar" - 0:0

 "Blackburn" - "Rapid" - 0:2 (Bosnjak, Ivic)

 "Spartak" - "Monaco" - 0:0

 The matches of the last day of the tournament weren’t really rich on goals: two "nil-nil" draws.

 In the morning footballers from Minsk and players of Krasnodar Academy have’t revealedthe winner. One of the brightest episode was the shot in the bar of the "bull’s" player – for several seconds everyone frozed, in expecting of scored ball, but it bounced back in front of the goal’s line. Thus, "Krasnodar" concluded all its matches with a draw score and became the 4th on the tournament, the Belorussian representatives were at the 5th place with one victory and one draw.

On the match against Austrian "Rapid" "Blackburn" came to play with ten footballers: because of the injured players English coaching staff had only 9 field players and they decided not to use the possibility to have the substitute goalkeeper as the 10th player.

This Rapid’s advance soon led to the goal, after the break Vienna footballers increased the score advance.  To the end of the match referee leveled the line-ups, he showed a red card to Ljubicic, but the English had no power to do the final push to win back.    

 It was the first time on the tournament when Spartak players didn’t score, but the match against "Monaco" was really tough. Red-and-white’s rivals had chance to gain the trophy if the would win against "Spartak". Beschastnykh’s players had an easier task, draw result led them to the champion’s title.

 Somehow it explains the host’s stratagy on the match, they paid a lot of attantion to their defence and didn’t allow to opponents to hacked it. It let them gain the result and become the first Academy team, which won the home tournament – "Spartak Cup".

 Final team positions on the tournament:

 1st  place - "Spartak" Moscow (11 points)

 2nd  - "Monaco" (8 points)

 3rd - "Blackburn Rovers" (7 points)

 4th - "Krasnodar" (5 points)

 5th - "Dinamo" Minsk (4 points)

 6th  - "Rapid" Vienna (4 points)

 FAIR PLAY prize (for the least amount of fouls and dismissions) - "Spartak" Moscow

 The prize of spectators’sympathies – "Blackburn Rovers"

 The best goalkeeper – Anton Fedyushkin ("Krasnodar")

 The best defender – Ryan Nyambe ("Blackburn")

 The best midfielder – Roman Yuzepchuk ("Dinamo" Minsk)

 The best forward – Albin Gashi ("Rapid" Wien)

 The best striker – Dmitriy Malikov ("Spartak" Moscow)

 The best player – Yohan Etienne ("Monaco")

 The author of the best goal – Guevin Tormin ("Monaco",the goal in the match against "Dinamo" Minsk)

 The best coach of the tournament – Vladimir Beschastnykh ("Spartak" Moscow)