Dinamo - Monaco 25 april 2014 News
"Monaco" beat "Dinamo" Minsk with big score Теги: DINAMO MONACO

 Monaco’s victory in the match against Minsk let them rise up to the 3rd place in the table and save all chances to gain the trophy.

 Dinamo Minsk – Monaco – 0:3

Goals: Etienne, Prohouly, Tormin

The first time both teams played as equals, "Dinamo" was even closer to score, but again implementation let them down. "Monaco" cracked white-and-blue’s defence at the second half:  a player moved to the center, made a pass to free Etienne after the diagonal cross from the right wing. Belyi, a Minsk goalkeeper, came out of the goal to meet Yohan, and the Monaco footballer scored.

It wasn’t the best match for the Dinamo goalkeeper, who twice left his area and allowed the French team to shoot into the empty goal.   

Axel Prohouly "Monaco" U-17 midfielder

 - The match started quietly enough, somehow even unlucky for our team, but I’m glad we changed the situation and the main thing - we scored. "Dinamo" Minsk is a fast team with competitive spirit. We won due to the great wish to win and due to our mood.