Blackburn - Spartak 25 april 2014 News
In the personal meeting between two leaders "Spartak" was stronger Теги: BLACKBURN SPARTAK

The hosts of the tournament prevailed over English "Blackburn" and became the leader of the tournament.

Blackburn – Spartak – 0:1

Goal: Malikov

Both teams came to this match which had all the chances to become the crucial one, not in the optimal line-ups. "Spartak" played without Sidoruk who got a nose fracture in the match against Minsk team, and Shamsiddin Shanbiev missed the match because he had a fever. After three days of the tournament three Blackburn footballers came out of action taking into concideration that the English team came to Moscow 16 out of 18 allowed, there were only two substitutions on the bench: a goalkeeper and one field player.  Despite the personnel losses, the opponents showed very interesting and high-quality football.

The teams came to the field having the equal number of the points. "Spartak" was ahead the English in the table only in diference of scored and missed goals.

The leaders’ struggle was really stubborn.  Firstly on the tournament the host team could’t score a fast ball, besides they didn’t score before the brake, though they had some chances.  On the right wing Poluboyarinov performed the free-kick rather well, but Williams, a goalkeeper, coped with the shot, also he was first on the ball, when Malikov tried to drop-kicked the Gordeochuck’s pass from the left.

In the second time Malikov, who is claiming to be the best shooter of the tournament, was on the alert, when Blackburn’s defender desided to pass back to the goalkeeper: Dmitriy was faster than the goalkeeper, defeat him and scored to the empty goal. Soon English footballers had a chance to level the score, but the Blackburn’s player from the destructive position missed.

1:0 – "Spartak" defeated its direct rival and went to the first place of the tournament table. In the final match of the tournament, which will be held on Sunday, April, 27 at 13.00, the team of Vladimir Beschastnykh will face with "Monaco". A victory or a draw will ensure the champion’s title for the red-and-white.

Vladimir Beschastnykh, "Spartak" U-17 head coach

 - Today as never I’m satisfied with my team. The game turned out compete, we controlled the ball and practically didn't allow our opponents to attack. "Blackburn" is one of the strongest team of the tournament, at that if usually English teams are famous for contact fight, the footballer of this team surprised me with their technique and aspiration to control the ball and not just to got rid of it. I’m glad that my footballers looked brilliant on the match against such a team! In such tough matches there can't be a lot of clear-cuts, but we used our chance. It’s good we have a day off tomorrow, the boys are tired, it’s important to recover to show our maximum in the final match of the tournament against Monaco.

Danil Poluboyarinov, "Spartak" U-17 midfilder: 

- Tournament schedule is really tight, today we had the fourth match in a row, we didn’t have enough force to score on the first half, but it’s good we could finish pressing out and snach a victory.  In the brake the coach told us to add a little bit in game’s speed, to concentrate on pass acurracy and exclude silly mistakes – we tried and we did it!

We expected a Blackburn’s long-ball game, we thought they would play attack football, that’s why we’re surprised the Engish tried to keep the ball. In the final match of the tournament against "Monaco" we’ll play for the victory, we want to become the first Spartak Academy’s team, which will won the "Spartak Cup" trophy.  

Callum Williams, "Blackburn" U-17 goalkeeper:

- The match was really tough and tense. We tried to prepare for this match as best we can, but plainly we didn’t have players, we played practically without substitutions.  In Spartak team I can distinguish Georgiy Melkadze, the team captain, and in my team – Jake Doyle played well.