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Everyone ready! Теги: SPARTAK CUP

The coaches’ and team capitains’ comments on the eve of "Spartak Cup"

Brian Carey, "Blackburn Rovers" U-17 coach

 - We are expecting quite a good competition.  On that tournamet we have opportunity to play against the teams propogating different styles. I think it will be a great experience for my team. I suppose the most difficult games will be against "Spartak" and "Monaco".

Jack Doyle, "Blackburn Rovers" U-17 captain

- In "Spartak Cup" the strong teams take part with good playing technique, for us this tournament won’t be an easy one. "Blackburn" is a rather young team, but with good technique and we are ready to show our best. Especially we will be preparing for the matches against "Rapid" and "Monaco".

Mikhail Busygin, "Dinamo Minsk" U-17 coach

- We were very glad to get an invitation for such a prestigious tournamet, I hope we will play  worthily on "Spartak Cup". We are waiting to get new professional experience. The competition of such a level will let us know children’s-youth tendencies of European football and  understand the directions of its development, and watch how our foreigh coleagues are working.

 Alexandr Chizh, "Dinamo Minsk" U-17 captain

- The team mood is extremly  high on the tournament, all the teams are strong, we will seriously prepare before each game. I think everyone will come to the pitch with idea to win it. Last year we played against "Krasnodar", we lost, but now we are ready to gain a revenge. I think one of the favorites of the tournamet is the host team – "Spartak" (Moscow).  

Mkhitar Davydyan, "Krasnodar" U-17 head coach

- Thanks to Spartak for invitation. The tournament will give us a great experience, it will teach us something new. We have a strong team and a serious fighting spirit, we came to win. Seven players are playing for the second team, two – for the second league team, all of them will play on Spartak Cup. On the tournament the main forward Bakai won’t take part, he recently had an operation and will miss half of the year. The first match we are playing against "Spartak", I’m waiting for the beautiful and high quality game from the both teams. I think the football will be like a real performance,  and let’s the strongest one wins.

Daniil Fomin, U-17 "Krasnodar" captain

- We are seriously ready for "Spartak Cup", any result except the victory will be a failure for us. We had a strong team with experience of playing on the second teams championship. I’m waiting for interesting football, every match will be dashing. The favorites are the host team – "Spartak" Moscow and "Krasnodar", I think we also can win the trohpy. It’s difficult to speak about the rest teams because we never played against them before.

Manuel Dos Santos "Monaco" U-17 coach

- We are glad to take part in "Spartak Cup". The tournament will give our players an opportinity to feel the rivarly spirit and to try conclusions with the other teams from different countries.  Of course all of us want to win, but we understand it will be very difficult, if not – no nevermind. There most difficult for us, in my opinion,  will be the match against the English, who played another style football.

Tristan Muymba Nkita, "Monaco" U-17  captain

- We had an iron determination on the tournament, our aim is to be the prize-winners. I think the most difficult matches for us will be against English "Blackburn" and Moscow "Spartak".

Zeljko Radovich, Rapid Wien U-17 coach

- I’m very glad our team will take part in "Spartak Cup", I would like to thank all  the organizers for invitation. For us the victory is not the aim as an end in itself, it’s very important to watch Rapid play in comparision with the English, Russian and the representatives of Belorussia and Monaco. Many of our footballers are the first time in Moscow.  I hope during our staying there we will have an opportunity not only to enrich our international football experience, but also liberalize, to see the city sights. Of course, in every match we will come to the field with the wish to win it, we will make efforts to do that.

Jozef Tahon, Rapid Wien U-17 captain

- Owing to the tournament we can get a great play experience, I hope we win. We don’t know what football will other teams show, but it’ll be interesting to watch what they can oppose to our play manner.